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this was written for a Naruto Kink Meme on papersphere

Prompt given was NejiHina. Panties ♥ Or otherwise getting caught by a higher up Hyuuga member.

Hyuugacest... don't like don't read/bitch.


Iconfiend100 - Second Post

Only 4 new ones, but hey - it holds my claim! will get a few more up later

Artist: me! da Teaser ^.^
Character: Hyuuga Hinata from Naruto
Theme set:Alpha
Theme(s): are you there?, misunderstanding, silence, heaven
# of icons in post: 4
# of icons completed total: 11/100

no teasers this time, cause I only have 4!!

1} If using/plan on taking any, please comment and credit kyubiteaser
2} Textless Icons aren't bases.
3} DO NOT HOTLINK, or I shall sic the chibi's after you!
4} as with all fandom crack, please enjoy responsibly

here's hoping it behaves this timeCollapse )

I live...

you may rejoice >.<

check the com

Algorithm March with Prisoners

why I love the Philippines! Here this constitutes cruel and unusual punishment... there... it's exercise!


Ella Jarret was born at 5:15 am this morning, at 5 lbs 10 oz, screaming her head off like any normal newborn despite being 6 weeks early.

Her momma is already in luv with her, didn't hear from the daddy cause I think Sean was either asleep when she called me just now or down in the NICU melting all over the place over his lil girl.

and I will get to see them both in a few hours.



here we are

Well, we finally made it out to pittsburgh, which should have been a -at most- 6 or 7 hour drive from philly.  we left friday night at 6pm... and just got here before 4 am on sunday...

the turnpike detour took us back to carlise, down I81 south across the mason dixon line (shit you not... that thing still exists) and into maryland, to get onto I70 west back across the border to Breezewood PA where I could get back on the turnpike, then spend another 2-3 hours on it.  then I got off, turned the wrong way on 28, turned around in RDCI to go to New Kensington to check into our hotel, to find out they gave away our room, to get sent BACK to RDCI to check in there.

At least this place has a bar and room service....

but still. we left Hershey at 6pm... and made it to Pittsburgh almost 12 hours later...


Voice Post

282K 1:26
“This has been the weirdest weekend I've ever, pretty much ever had. Right now, I'm currently going east bound in the west bound lane of the Pennsylvania Turnpike because of an accident after spending 2 hrs sitting there & just getting to watch fireworks & watch the moon rise, walking bare foot around on the tarmac of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. They've turned us around & they're sending us back to the exit to re direct us. There's fireworks going off over my car & I'm doing this. I was supposed to be going up for a baby shower this weekend & it turns out that there was no baby shower because the girl who we're having the shower for decided to go into labor the day before the baby shower & she's not due til Aug. And then I get this phone call today from my parents saying that my Aunt was found dead in her house, she's probably been dead since Tue. And now like I said, I'm driving east bound in the west bound lane of the Pennsylvania Turnpike with fireworks going off directly over my car. Yeah, it's definitely the full moon tonight. Anyway, I'd better get back to driving cos I have no idea where the hell I'm going after this, so I'll talk to you all later. Bye.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox
I just got off the phone with mum.

My Babi, Catherine Politski just passed away.

She had an accident two weeks ago, she collapsed in the kitchen and split her head open. The had to transfuse 3 pts of blood, and while in the hospital they discovered a mass in her abdomen.  They assumed cancer, she refused any testing or treatment.  They sent her home.  She died in my aunt Joannes house, the house her second husband had built for her and her six kids, the house my mother grew up in.  She spent the last week in a lot of pain. She went quietly with my mother, aunt Joanne and Aunt Toot with her.

If i remember it right, she was 93 years old, she outlived  2 husbands, 1 daughter, 2 grandkids and a set of pace maker batteries.  She had only a 5th grade education having left school to helped raise her younger brothers and sisters by working as a maid in the rich homes in manhattan, and later had 7 kids of her own. She lived through both world wars (though an infant for the first), The Great Depression, The Pittsburgh Flood, and The Sonman Mine explosion (Dzia worked in the mine at the time), and probably a lot more things I can't think of at this moment.

Out of 5 grandparents she was the only one I ever knew.

She was strong and kind and fair, but still didn't take no srać from anyone

She is the woman I want to be when I grow up... *chuckles softly* if I ever actually do grow up

The one thing I will always remember of her, was that no matter how old she got, no matter how much it hurt her legs, for as long as she was able, she would never go to bed without kneeling beside it to pray at night.  She's the one who taught me it didn't matter where you were when it happened, what words you say or what you do, all that mattered was you pray.

I'm going to the shrine.  I'm going to light candles for her in the tower.  I'm going to cry in the grotto, and because it ment so much to her, I'm going to do a novena for her.

How could I not? She's my Babi...

Serdecznie dziękuję, Babcia... kocham cię.... do zobaczenia


Hinata Claim - IconFiend100

alright... I know I'm gonna get griped at.

I've had some issues lately, and I'm trying to get back here. So I grabbed a claim on iconfiend100  for our beloved Hina.

here's the first 7

Artist: me! da Teaser ^.^
Character: Hyuuga Hinata from Naruto
Theme set:Alpha
Theme(s): smile, innocence, blue, star, forgotten, tears, spiritual
# of icons in post: 7
# of icons completed total: 7/100

here is da teasers:

1} If using/plan on taking any, comment and credit </a>
2} Textless Icons aren't bases. 
3} DO NOT HOTLINK, or I shall sic the chibi's after you!
4} as with all fandom crack, please enjoy responsibly
I also can't figure out why the table is showing up so far down in my journal...
it makes my mind boggle o.o